## [The best digital menu providers for restaurants?](/blog/the-best-digital-menu-providers-for-restaurants) *Posted on October 10, 2022* We'll compare the best digital menu providers for restaurants. There are many options to choose from, but we'll focus on the ones that have been proven to work the best. We're going to investigate some main features that make one software provider stand out from another and then show you how to select the best option for your restaurant. [Read more](/blog/the-best-digital-menu-providers-for-restaurants) ## [Analytics made easy: get the data you need!](/blog/simple-and-intuitive-analytics-on-your-orders-and-profits) *Posted on April 30, 2022* Satisorder offers a powerful and intuitive analytics tool that helps you understand your business better, find key data quickly and make better decisions. You will get the detailed analytics on your orders and profits. You can see how much money you've made monthly or daily, as well as how many orders you've got, export the orders to file, and more. [Read more](/blog/simple-and-intuitive-analytics-on-your-orders-and-profits) ## [What is a Digital Menu?](/blog/what-is-digital-menu) *Posted on January 6, 2022* Digital menus is going to be an indispensable part of the new age of restaurateurs. They can be used in many different ways such as displaying photos of your dishes, telling them about the history of the restaurant, and even showing videos. Customers can use this menu on their mobile device and order food without the need of waiters. [Read more](/blog/what-is-digital-menu)