Digital Menu

We designed the digital menu product to improve and simplify the ordering process and menu management.

Your clients will be able to browse your digital menu online and make orders right away from their smartphones or tablets. To make it possible, you have to configure your menu and display a QR code at each table of your restaurant, pizzeria, or bar. The restaurant configurator will generate QR codes for you, and you will need only to print them. Usually, one QR code corresponds to a place, but you may want to assign it to a table instead.

Different types of menus are supported: pdf, image, and interactive.

Digital Menu

Digital menu types

Image & Pdf menu

Image & Pdf menu

We offer different types of digital menus. The easiest type to get started is the file menu. The file can be of two types: image or PDF file. So you have only to upload your digital menu to our platform to make it visible to your clients. We added this type to make onboarding quicker. You will be able to upload the image of your menu in .png or .jpeg file formats.

After uploading the file, you will be able to access the menu by scanning the QR code created by the platform. You can use your smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code. The QR code generation is free of charge. For the digital menu in the image or PDF format, you will have only one QR code for your restaurant. You still will be able to upload and have more than one menu. All your menus will be accessible on your restaurant's public page, and your clients can switch between them with the menu selector. Besides, you will be able to control the visibility of your menus. The simple use case could be the necessity to display the specific menu to your clients on a particular day of the week. You may want to display the digital menu of the day only during lunch hours as well.

Interactive menu

Digital Menu

Another type of digital menu we call interactive menu. The interactive digital menu has many advantages in comparison to the menu in the image or pdf format. The interactive menus are configurable, so you have to create categories and menu items. Here there are examples of possible categories: starter, main courses, desserts, drinks. You may create custom categories. Every digital menu should have at least one category, and every category should contain at least one item. An item could be any dish, drink, or any product or service you want to offer.

To create an item, you should insert the item title and price. You may want to add an image and description, but they are both optional. The item configuration supports the translation of the title and description in any language you want. You will be able to control the visibility of the item to clients. For example, this feature may become very useful if an item is out of stock or has run out. You may also want to assign a badge to the item to indicate it's a vegan, vegetarian, spicy, organic, gluten-free, lactose-free product or if it contains frozen ingredients. The interactive digital menu has different styles in the way it represents items to your customer.

Digital menu orders

Only the interactive digital menu allows to enable and eventually manage orders with the order management system. The order management option is free. There are two types of orders: table orders and takeaway orders. The table order is an order that your client makes right from the table of the restaurant. Instead, there are two types of takeaway orders. Not assigned to the place orders, or in other words, orders without the place belong to the first type. The use case of this kind of order could be the place when you scan a QR code to make an order and consume it on foot or outside of the restaurant. The second type is takeaway orders with delivery.

What if you want to accept credit card payments? We can handle it as well. We support digital payments with the payment service provider Stripe. You can connect an already existing account to your restaurant or create a new one with an easy onboarding feature called Stripe Connect. You can set up the payment options for both orders after connecting your Stripe account to the restaurant. You can choose between payments with cash only, or credit card only, or combine both. We don't take any fees from transactions, but Stripe does, so please read more about it below.

Stripe Pricing

Digital Menu Features

We summarized the main features of our digital menus in the list below.

  • Fast & Simple Menu Access
    • No need to download the app, no login required to make an order
    • The digital menu opens in the browser after scanning the QR code
  • Functional
    • Table and takeaway orders
    • Credit card payments
    • Order management system
  • Multilingual Menu
    • Support for the dish title and description translations
    • No limits on the number of languages
  • Informative
    • Info on allergens, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or bio
    • The total amount of ordered items is always visible
    • Possibility to have daily menu and switch between menus
  • Menu Types & Styles
    • Digital menu in the image or PDF format
    • Interactive menu
    • You can choose a simple list or card menu styles
    • The card menu style requires images of the dishes

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