Order Management Dashboard

Order Management Dashboard component is developed to receive, edit and complete orders in real-time.

It can be used free of charge by the restaurant owner, waiters, or in the kitchen at the same time.

Demo Dashboard

Order Management System

The Order Management Dashboard is a tool that simplifies the ordering process with the digital menu and facilitates order management. You will be able to receive only orders made with the interactive menus. Both the table and takeaway orders are supported. On the contrary, all the menu types, including image and file menus, are eligible for sending notifications requests like "ask for the bill" or "call the waiter" that you will receive right away on your Dashboard.

All your staff will get access to the Dashboard to handle orders. If a waiter takes the order, his name gets assigned to it, and from now on, only he will be able to proceed with the order steps. It helps to avoid situations when another waiter may accidentally take the same order.

All orders are shown on the Dashboard immediately once received. You will be able to monitor the order status and the performance of your staff. If you take an order or modify it, your staff will see the change instantly because the information about the order gets synchronized between different Dashboards.

Once the order is received and taken, you may add or remove items from it. Your guest will receive an immediate update about the order change. You can only change orders which don't have payment assigned to it. Besides receiving orders, you can create them. You need to click on the "Plus" icon in the navigation top bar of your Dashboard to create a new takeaway order. For table orders, you need to click on an empty place on the Dashboard tables. You don't need any special equipment to receive orders. You can use an average smartphone to open the Dashboard.

Another helpful feature we implemented is handling the visibility of menu items directly from the Dashboard. So if the dish has run out, you can hide it from the menu to avoid inconvenient situations. Moreover, you can hide the whole menu; for example, you may want to hide the launch menu in the evening.

We did our best to make the Dashboard intuitive and its interface user-friendly. You always will be up to date about new orders and their statuses with the help of an advanced notification system. We support in-app, email, and Telegram notifications.

Digital button to call a waiter

Your guests may call a waiter or ask for the bill with a smartphone directly from the table. When your guests click on the “Call the waiter” or ”Ask for the bill” buttons on their smartphones, your waiters will receive notifications on their dashboard.

This feature is available by default. You can use it with both an interactive and read-only menu. The only requirement is to configure tables and places.

The button ”Call the waiter” optimizes the ordering process, frees up the staff time for serving other guests, and avoids errors in the orders.

Order Management Dashboard Features

We summarized the main features of our digital menus in the list below.

  • Multiuser Support
    • Your staff can use an average smartphone to take an order remotely
    • Restaurant holder will be able to monitor orders in real-time
    • Orders states get synchronized between all the Dashboards
  • Create & Edit Order
    • Edit received orders: add, remove items from the order
    • Create a takeaway order or an order associated with a place directly from the Dashboard
  • Menu
    • Possibility to hide menu items
    • Control visibility of the menus for customers
  • Intuitive & Simple Order Management
    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
    • Order states are shown in different colors
    • Advanced order notifications
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